Suur-Savo Cooperative as an employer

Suur-Savo Cooperative Society is owned by over 70 000 customer-owners and operating in South Savo region, 12 counties area in total. Our operating region covers economical areas over Mikkeli, Pieksämäki, and Savonlinna. Over 77% of the households in our operating area are already our co-operative members. Our business portfolio consists of retail and market trade, specialty stores, service station and fuel sales trade and hospitality and travel business. In addition, we offer S-bank services, and we have our own bakery in Mikkeli.

The base mission of cooperative society is to fulfill co-operative members needs by offering competitive services and benefits, as well as being present in developing and maintaining our operating areas overall wellbeing.

By the principle, the cooperative society will use profits accrued from the business operations to benefit our operating region and our co-operative members. We invest heavily in developing our business network and places of business, and we pay Bonus and revenue surplus distributions to our co-operative members.


Suur-Savo Cooperative as an employer

Suur-Savo Cooperative society is the largest private employer in South Savo region, and we have over 1 300 employees. We are an employer that operates responsibly to benefit South Savo region and its residents. This also means that work and free time will stay balanced, and our staff does well. An employee with balanced wellbeing is the best possible customer servant for us. We also enable studies aiming for a degree and a possibility for lifelong career.

We think it is important to improve our business together with our employees. Our employees will get S Group’s superior, country-wide staff benefits. Our employees, all work together for our customers. Work done well and productively will be rewarded and every employee will be offered our incentives accordingly.

The contentment of our employees is important to us. Management and performance are especially some of our strengths. We keep managerial promises that are concerning the whole S Group: have courage, appreciation, and ability to execute. With these promises we ensure everyone to have satisfactory managerial experiences and to develop the management culture within our business society.

We offer reliable jobs and great employment benefits, varied job opportunities in different industries. We operate responsibly and we genuinely care for our employees. We offer a chance to create one’s own career path for instance by working across units and industries. For us, attitude is the key. Our staff together have enough toughness and heart to create simpler moments and wellbeing. Better and supreme.