Summer jobs

Summer jobs at Suur-Savo 2023

Recruitment of over 18-year-old candidates for summer jobs

A summer job at Suur-Savo ­– we offer a variety of jobs to choose from!

If you are full of energy and have a positive outlook on work, customers and colleagues, are resourceful and happy to do shift work, you should apply for a summer job with us. At Suur-Savo, you will get to work in a good team during the busy summer season in South Savo. We also offer you the extensive staff benefits of S Group and Suur-Savo Co-operative Society. Come and work for us with an open mind and good humour but with real commitment too!

Enthusiastic, hard-working and cheerful summer workers will be needed in the summer of 2023 for a variety of jobs: in Pertunmaa, Kuortti, Mäntyharju, Hirvensalmi, Ristiina, Mikkeli, Anttola, Hurissalo, Puumala, Sulkava, Juva, Joroinen, Virtasalmi, Jäppilä, Pieksämäki, Haukivuori, Rantasalmi, Enonkoski, Savonranta, Kerimäki and Savonlinna!

The duration of the employment contracts varies; the majority of the summer jobs are in June, July and August, but summer employees are also needed from as early Easter all the way to late September.

We are looking for summer employees for the following duties among others: service station staff, salespersons, cooks, waiters, general helpers, bakery staff, receptionists.

You can be a first-timer or an old hand, we guide you along!

We are looking for summer workers for all Suur-Savo Co-operative Society branches on one application, which you can access using the following link:ätyö

This link takes you directly to the application form. Either attach your CV to the application or write the information on the fields provided. You can choose one or more branches in which you wish to apply for a summer job.

Our summer job recruitment is open from 15 December 2022 to 28 February 2023. We recommend that you send your application now, because we will start the interview process and make selections already during the application period. Please keep an eye on your emails; we invite candidates to an interview either by sending an email or by phoning them. Our summer job recruitment for under 18-year-olds opens on 1 March 2023 and closes on 31 March 2023.

When filling in the form, please ensure that you choose the branches in which you can work. It is also important to enter the dates you are available for the summer job. The type of summer work we can offer you depends on these choices. We also need summer workers for late autumn.

We are recruiting for our summer jobs throughout the spring. We will inform all candidates by 24 April 2023. Suur-Savo Co-operative Society is part in the Responsible summer job 2023 campaign.